Cao & Associates Team

We bring the actual value: Hundreds of families have filed and are in the process filed I-526 records and has received a green card two years under the EB-5 investment area. We are proud to be the first where customers get a green card for 10 years under the EB-5 investment areas and payback, with the results to be proud that we really are where you can trust.

We have a team of lawyers and consultants Vietnamese Americans are equipped with legal knowledge and experience in the field of immigration has helped hundreds of families have added a new nationality and create a opportunity to expand business in the US market, with the motto “Respect, honesty, ethics, openness and transparency,” Cao & Associates Law firm is proud to be the place you can trust.

Our team Our lawyers include:

Attorney Michael Cao as a Doctor of Law specializing in today’s leading immigration in the United States, especially He has extensive experience in investment program residing EB-5, he is honored to be a member of the Lawyers’ Association US Immigration Law (AILA), Mr. Michael Cao Esq. received his Law Degree in south Texas in 1998, he was licensed to practice law in Texas in 1999. He has more than 10 years of participation in the talks on the radio in the state of Texas to help the Vietnamese community living and working in the United States to answer the problems related to immigration. Michael Cao lawyer for the Vietnamese community in the United States.


“To build a good foundation for the future of yourself and your family”


“We are a bridge to get you where you want”

                    Core Value

  • To respect
  • honest 
  • Responsibility
  • Professional ethics
  • transparent
  • Conscientious
  • Kind